Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dress Smarter: Italian-Made Silk Knit Ties

It's never a bad idea to take a fashion cue from Tom Ford.  Yeah, I can't afford his $4000 three-piece suits, either - but the silver knit silk tie is definitely a game-changer that can be done at an affordable price.

Why silk knit ties?  Because unlike your normal, shiny silk ties, knit ties 1) are seen far less frequently (and therefore noticed more, even in dark, solid colors), 2) add a whole new level of depth and texture to your shirt/suit combo and 3) work in both dressy and casual environments.  A great solid-color knit tie gets noticed in a good way; a loud shiny silk tie gets noticed in a bad way.

Ideally, the only knit ties you in your closet should be 100% silk, made in Italy, 2.75" wide, affordable, and come with an unlimited return policy in case it ends up defective.  Lands End's silk knits are the only ones I know of that fit the bill, coming in at less than $30 on sale.

Take the plunge; once you start wearing Italian silk knits you'll find normal ties hard to go back to.

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